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Thu May 15 23:19:46 GMT 2003

'lo folks..

I've recently been (as of today) assigned the job of running microsoft baseline security analyizer on our network of 4000 or so windows PCs and securing the ones that come up as critical risks, or however they word it. 

I've ran the test (it's running tonight, overnight). There was about 700 PCs identified as severe risks when I left, so it's obviously going to be quite the task.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what the team can do to make this easier? Obviously a lot of these will be windows updates needing done, is there any way to do remote windows updates? Also, does anyone have any kind of documents/websites/templates they give to users (mostly faculty) helping them secure their windows 2000/xp machiens, ie, picking a good password, not having open shares, running windows updates, etc. etc.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm not exactly a microsoft fan, nor guru, so this should be interesting :)

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