FIRST 2003

Roger Safian r-safian at
Fri May 16 21:08:58 GMT 2003


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that you only have
one month left to register for FIRST 2003.  This year's conference
is in Ottawa Canada from June 22nd through June 27th.  We have a
great program lined up, including a new tutorial on secure programming
and a presentation from the US Department of Justice on incident
response and law enforcement.

I'm also really excited about our keynote addresses.  Our keynotes are
going to focus on the roll of information security and critical 
infrastructure.  What I think will be really interesting about this
topic will be that we will be getting separate presentations from
>From the Canadian and US governments, as well as a representative from
the EU.

You'll find complete conference details and a registration form at
<> and I hop to see you there.

Please fell free to contact me with any questions.
Roger A. Safian 
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