[unisog] Bluesocket: Large Deployments?

Asadoorian, Paul D Paul_Asadoorian at brown.edu
Fri May 2 13:18:39 GMT 2003


We tested Bluesocket and found that it worked okay.  We did not do much
throughput testing.

However, we found that Bluesocket is really just a PC with a stripped
down Linux kernel on it.  Then we found that there was a free product
called nocat (http://nocat.net) that did essentially the same thing.
Also, I've heard there are some real security problems with Bluesocket,
which is one reason we went with nocat....

We have nocat installed and average about 10-15 wireless users per day
with very few problems, and are committed to fixing the few problems we
do have.  

Hope this helps (even though it doesn't really address your questions
:-) Let me know if you have any questions....

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Our institution is currently evaluating Bluesocket's WG-2000 device as
an answer for managing and controlling our existing wired residential
network and any future wireless networks.

I was wondering if anyone on this mailing list has any experience with
this device on either a "ResNet" type network or a large deployed
wireless network with more then a few users.

I would appreciate any comments unisog members may have about Bluesocket

Thank You.

Bruce A. Locke
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