[unisog] Blocking inbound Internet traffic

Andy Efting aefting at emory.edu
Tue May 6 11:00:10 GMT 2003

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From: "Russell Fulton" <r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz>
 Now our default firewall setting block incoming
> connections to all TCP ports so this is nolonger so much of an issue.

We just did this too -- blocking all inbound TCP connections to our ResNet
subnets.  So far we have had very positive results, including reduced load
on our network infrastructure and less copyright complaints from Universal.
While there are some legitimate peer-to-peer communications that this policy
has blocked (i.e., IM teleconferencing), most student Internet activity is
not affected (we never allowed ResNet users to set up their own e-mail, web,
or ftp servers).

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