Blocking inbound Internet traffic

Nick Skelton Nick.Skelton at
Wed May 14 07:48:16 GMT 2003

Rate limiting traffic:

After considering different approaches and products (Netenforcer,
Packeteer, Etinc) we discovered a piece of software from
that we think meets our needs better. Our main requirement was to enforce
'equitable' access to bandwidth per subscriber (per IP address)
irrespective of protocol. One of Dybands's killer features is that it can
allow high burst transfer but then progressively ramp down the connection
speed for users who consume traffic continuously. This limits the
aggressive users while allowing fast burst transfer for the other users.

We have very recently started evaluating it properly (went into service on
our residential network on Monday). We still have much to learn but
the early indications are that it meets our needs and performs extremely


Nick Skelton, ResNet Co-ordinator
University of Bristol Information Services

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