[unisog] Linux Security

Darden, Patrick S. darden at armc.org
Wed May 14 19:53:35 GMT 2003

I think the Bastille project does what you want.  They have a hardening
script that takes you through the process step-by-step, asking you questions
and providing context.  It is very complete and effective.  It is partially
based on the wonderful SANS textbook: Linux Security Step-By-Step (of which
I am a contributor, so I am biased).

--Patrick Darden

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With the GLB and various other acts it has driven the need to develop a
checklist for systems to be "certified".  I have been tasked with
developing a checklist for Linux systems to certify they are secure.
I was wondering curious what other institutions have done along these
lines and if anyone might be willing to share what they have developed.



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