[unisog] University virus-writing course?

marchany at vt.edu marchany at vt.edu
Wed May 28 21:05:45 GMT 2003

My co-worker Valdis said:
>You can't build defenses against something you don't understand.
>It's as simple as that.

I agree absolutely. For those who are worried about EDUs creating 
virus-writing monsters, go to your favorite search engine and enter "Virus 
maker", "virus generator" or something similar. You will get hits on sites 
that will build a virus for you. It's THAT simple.

It's ironic that an AV vendor is dismayed.....seems like they'd be happy for 
the new business :-).

Notice that nowhere in the article does it say how the Sophos employees 
LEARNED how to write AV software. How are they assured that none of their AV 
employees would ever write a malicious virus using the knowledge they've 
acquired at their jobs? I'm sorry but the same argument that they're using to 
make Calgary look bad could just as easily make them look bad.

Smoke screen and mirrors from a vendor.....

In the military, they teach you lots of ways to kill someone. That doesn't 
mean that every vet is going to go out and waste someone. I suspect that vets 
are better prepared to defend themselves because of their knowledge.


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