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James A. Jokl jaj at virginia.edu
Wed May 28 21:31:18 GMT 2003

Along with Internet2 assuming responsibility for the Higher
Education CA as mentioned below, an Educause project is moving
forward to establish a Higher Education PKI Bridge Certification
Authority http://www.educause.edu/hebca .  There is a fair amount
of general activity in the Higher Education PKI space.  Along with
the links mentioned before you may want to look at:

Educause NET at EDU PKI site:



--On Wednesday, May 21, 2003 6:04 PM -0400 Saul Tannenbaum
<Saul.Tannenbaum at tufts.edu> wrote:

> John Stauffacher wrote:
>> Thanks everyone for the replies. A breakdown of what I have
>> learned so far:
>> http://middleware.internet2.edu/MACE/ looks to be on a good
>> start, but seems to have stalled.
>> http://www.cren.net/crenca/index.html a lot of info and looks to
>> be bordering on the same idea as I had, but from what I can see
>> they look to be dead now, or at least stalled as well. If anyone
>> has any info on their status, or if I am wrong, I'd really like
>> to know.
> If you look deeply into the Internet2 stuff
>  (http://www.internet2.edu/presentations/spring03/20030410-PKI-Kl
> ingenstein.htm)
> you'll see that CREN has turned over their activities to Internet2
> and there is, at least, a plan.
> Internet2 activity, at this level, is largely driven by folks,
> like you, with desire and vision. If you want to help move
> this forward, I'm sure you'd be welcomed with open arms.
> 	- Saul
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