Check printing -- PCL Signature Fonts

William Diehl III willdieh at
Wed May 28 22:07:26 GMT 2003


I have searched the Unisog archive with no success, so I thought I would
post this question to the mailing list.

We use an HP LaserJet printer to process our payroll and expense checks. The
printer uses MICR toner to print barcodes and what not on the check. We
print checks from a Unix (Solaris) environment, so everything is text only
with a font based signature.

The problem we're dealing with is how to create HP PCL "soft fonts" with the
signature included.
My predecessors have successfully documented a procedure that worked fine up
till win2k came along (relied upon an antiquated DOS utility to convert a
TTF to a SFP).
The procedure involved scanning a bmp with the signature and then importing
the image into a TrueType Font. Using the DOS utility, we would convert the
TTF to a SFP. The trick has now become converting the TTF to SFP.

My question is this:
    Do any other universities have similiar check signing procedures and if
so, how do they create the HP soft fonts. What software is used, what is the
procedure? Do you just print images instead of using font based signatures?

I have been to various websites ( that provide the service
for roughly $75 which is acceptable. But we'd like to continue to do it
in-house. Getting a font through the mail can be a nightmare when it comes
to re-sizing or editing.

Much Obliged,
William Diehl
Network Administrator
La Sierra University
Riverside, CA

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