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I'm sure most of you saw the news this morning on /. and of course coming
out of RH. RedHat is officiall stopping support for the whole 7.x branch and
8 by December and 9 by april. They are asking people to upgrade to their
"enterprise" OS. The "base" disto is $300+ per machine (single cpu).  They
also offer their "open source" development OS (fedora) available for free.
I'm wondering what any of you out there with a large RH deployment are going
to do? Migrate to Fedora, migrate to another distro or just come up with the
cache to pay RH. It seems to me the "free" part of RH is what made it the
most economical choice. I've lost count at how many RH servers we have
deployed and the thought of going back through and migrating all of them is
something that I really don't want to think about. I'm interested in hearing
thoughts about what others are doing, or plan on doing.


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