[unisog] Redhat and Fedora

Paul Heinlein heinlein at cse.ogi.edu
Mon Nov 3 22:34:09 GMT 2003

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, John Stauffacher wrote:

> I'm sure most of you saw the news this morning on /. and of course
> coming out of RH. RedHat is officiall stopping support for the whole
> 7.x branch and 8 by December and 9 by april. [...] I've lost count
> at how many RH servers we have deployed and the thought of going
> back through and migrating all of them is something that I really
> don't want to think about. I'm interested in hearing thoughts about
> what others are doing, or plan on doing.


So far, the Fedora stuff looks and smells enough like the current Red
Hat releases that maintaining continuity shouldn't be a problem.

The really tough thing will be the upgrade schedule. Red Hat is
currently planning to release a new Fedora Core every four to seven
months. I don't know anybody in an educational environment who
relishes that thought...

There are two mailing lists you might find of interest. Seth Vidal (of
yum fame) is hosting a univ-linux list at Duke. In particular, we're
discussing how we can gang together some support for certain Red Hat
and Fedora releases. The archives might be helpful:


On a different front, there's a wider (or, at least, non-academic)
mailing list devoted to providing legacy support for older Red Hat
releases. Presumably, upcoming Fedora Core releases will become
candidates for community-based legacy support once they've outlived
their official life cycle.


--Paul Heinlein <heinlein at cse.ogi.edu>

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