[unisog] Wireless in residence building - Tricky problem

Bob Kalal kalal.1 at osu.edu
Wed Nov 5 18:50:59 GMT 2003

At 7:42 PM -0500 11/4/03, Tim O'Connor wrote:
>On Tue, Nov 4, 2003, mjimenez at net.tufts.edu said:
>At work, we have heard from several professors who hold classes in big,
>amphitheater-style lecture halls that are covered by our APs.  The
>professors are extremely concerned about students surfing web sites
>during lectures, and demanded that our dean of academic affairs provide a
>cutoff switch at the lectern so that lecturers can turn off APs remotely
>while they lecture.

What? The profs never noticed all the students reading the
campus paper, browsing magazines, and using cell phones
in the lecture hall?

Well for that case I suppose you could fill the hall
with water as a countermeasure. That would make the
newspapers soggy & hard to read and probably short out
the cell phones. hard to play a remote game on a shorted
out cell.

Bob Kalal

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