[unisog] Active Directory design school environment

Antonio Quesada aquesada at guc.usg.edu
Tue Nov 11 19:07:54 GMT 2003

IMHO, the best design shall begin with the question:

Why AD? In fact, why MS Server?

I am not trying to bash MS.  I really think it is a question that shall be asked. 

If you already have, and also have an answer, 
a good starting point might be to put the students in a separate container from the
staff and the faculty (and maybe the same for staff & faculty). 

And also, you mention Cisco ACLs, how about networking your servers in it's own network connected to a 
separate interface in your FW/Router, separate from the Inet and your inside network, that way you can get 
a log of what is going thru such interface. 

Just an idea, 
Be Well!

Antonio Quesada
Network Manager
Gwinnett University Center

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