[unisog] Network security textbooks

kamal hilmi othman kamalho at pd.jaring.my
Thu Nov 13 04:35:16 GMT 2003

marchany at vt.edu wrote:
> The textbooks Valids and I looked at were:
> "Computer Security: Art & Science", Matt Bishop, ISBN: 0-201-44099-7 
> (Addison-Wesley). Good book, nice blend of theory and practice, 35 chapters, 
> 992 pages. Could be used for a 2 semester track.
> "Cryptography & Network Security: Principles & Practices", William Stallings, 
> ISBN: 0-13-091429-0, Prentice Hall. Slanted toward Crypto. Symmetric Ciphers, 
> PK Encryption/Hash Functions, Network Security Practice (Kerberos, S/MIME, IP 
> Sec), System Security
> "Security Engineering: A Guice to Building Dependable Distributed Systems", 
> Ross Anderson, ISBN: 0-471-38922-6, Wiley & Sons. An interesting approach, 
> gives some guidelines to consider when designing distributed systems. Might be 
> a good UG text.
> "Building Secure Software: How to Avoid Security Problems the Right Way", John 
> Viega, Gary McGraw, ISBN: 0-201-72152-X, Addison-Wesley. Topics include 
> Managing Software Security Risk, Selecting Technologies, Guiding Principles 
> for Software Security, Auditing software, Buffer Overflows, Access Control, 
> Race Conditions, Randomness and Determinism, Crypto. Seems like a good text 
> for senior level or grad level design course.
> All of the above are available at amazon.com and you can look at the table of 
> contents of each book there.

yes, i do agree that 'practical' stuff moves rapidly fast.

but on theory wise i stick to fundamental / RFC. stuff like TCP/IP from 
Stevens's book as an example.

teaching 'network security stuff' is a most challenging as on first day 
few student already start asking abt 'buffer overflows' :) these ppl 
used to learn from website and not to forget as most of them had a hands 
on nmap prior to network security class :)

adding to the list i would suggest this book:
Building Open Source Network Security Tools: Components and Techniques
by Mike Schiffman (Author)

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