[unisog] looking for a security firm

Eric Cartman eric at uwo.ca
Thu Oct 2 17:01:55 GMT 2003

I think you would be much farther ahead, both in terms of budget and
future development, if you would promote one of your sysadmins to
the role of security officer. You would have someone who is already
intimate with your network looking at a familiar problem, increasing
his/her knowledge base in house. You could make the case in the next
budget cycle, for another sysadmin.

Scott Genung wrote:

> All,
> Due to the events surrounding the impact of Blaster, Nachi, and their 
> variants this semester, the topic of network security has become a 
> paramount issue here at Illinois State. At this time, the University 
> does not have a security engineer despite an earlier recommendation 
> for hiring such a specialist.
> We are under a hiring freeze due to the current budget situation. As 
> an alternative, I have been asked to seek a list of security firms 
> that could potentially be used to provide these services until such 
> time that this position could be filled. I would greatly appreciate 
> any recommendations that you may have for a security firm that 
> provides these type of services. Thank you in advance for your comments.
> Scott Genung
> Manager of Networking Systems
> Telecommunications and Network Support Services
> 124 Julian Hall
> Illinois State University
> (309)438-8731   http://www.tnss.ilstu.edu  

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