[unisog] Icarus at U. Florida

Dax dax at resnet.ucsb.edu
Fri Oct 3 20:37:59 GMT 2003

	I read about that a few hours before it was posted this
morning...and all I can say after reading some of the asinine comments
from the readers, I can only cast my pity upon the admins there.
	When someone sent the story of our Win2k policy to /., I was
getting flame-mail for a month after the fact.  Most of the comments are
laughably stupid, but it can get frustrating when you're facing a horde of
people who know nothing about admin'ing the network of a large university,
or any of the challenges (both technical and legal) that you may face.
	At any rate, I don't think it said they're required to join a
domain.  Given the latest rash of BS (Qhost) coming hot on the heels of
Blaster/Welchia, we're having to look very seriously at taking a much
heavier-handed approach with our student computers.  The network can so
easily spiral out of control with the garbage that's floating about.  It's
not something I'm excited about doing, but we're not left with too many


On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Anderson Johnston wrote:

> Anyone on the know about this?  Is everyone in the dorms required to
> be in a specific domain?
> http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/10/03/1643202&mode=thread&tid=126&tid=146&tid=158&tid=95&tid=99
> 					- andy
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