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Ben Curran bdc1 at humboldt.edu
Fri Oct 24 19:32:12 GMT 2003

On 24 Oct 2003 at 15:07, Selden E Ball Jr wrote:
> Ben,
> Why do you care?

We have a policy which restricts students from hosting servers in the residence halls. 
Students with dynamic IP client software can easily circumvent hardware based (acl) 
restrictions/enforcement of this policy. (i.e only allowing "tcp established" connections 
inbound on an interface)
> Why should an off-campus ISP treat a student differently from anyone
> else using their services, so long as they aren't violating 
> the ISP's AUP?

They shouldn't.
I'm not concerned about the ISP's AUP. It's the campus student policy which forbids 
students from becoming web, FTP, email servers or "whatever" servers. 
> Why should you treat a student who is using an off-campus ISP 
> differently from some non-affiliated person who is using that ISP?

We shouldn't.
> If your institution is contracting with an ISP to provide student
> services, then presumably their AUP should meet with whatever
> requirements your institution has.

We are not doing this.
> I'm assuming your institution already has in place an AUP
> which forbids registering addresses which in your institution's
> address ranges with other nameservices.

I have not seen anywhere in our AUP, verbage prohibiting campus users from 
registering their IP address with other nameservers. But this an excellent point, and 
one that I'll suggest we adopt. In the meantime, and back to the original question ---
what are other universities doing to manage the proliferation of students running 
Dynamic IP clients which allow them to register their (dynamic) ip's with other 
nameservers? i.e., are there known dynamic IP client ports which can be thrown into 
an acl? etc. 

> What am I overlooking?
> Selden
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