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Ben Curran bdc1 at humboldt.edu
Mon Oct 27 17:24:52 GMT 2003

On 27 Oct 2003 at 10:35, Christopher A Bongaarts wrote:

> In the immortal words of Ben Curran:
> > What part of a university's academic mission are we hindering by not allowing
> > ad-hoc student established servers?
> Depends how narrow your definition of "education" is ;)

As IT experts, we must make judgements about what technologies and capabilities 
that we are staffed and funded to support responsibly. I realize that the temptation is 
huge to just allow everything, under the auspices of "education". We musn't fall for 
the deception that in not supporting something we are hindering the educational 
process. If students want to set-up servers on private LANs'. They are more than 
welcome to. Viva the educational process! 

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