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Ben Curran bdc1 at humboldt.edu
Mon Oct 27 17:41:49 GMT 2003

> One issue I've heard raised before is that some people view their
> resnet not as an academic network but a residential network.  Once
> that distinction is made the priorities begin shifting away from
> "it's our property" and more toward "our customers [students] have
> a right to engage in recreational activities in their home [dorm]
> as long as said activities are a) legal and b) not in violation of
> campus code of conduct."

That is an excellent point. In our case, the "recreational" network overlaps the 
academic one, and is only separated by a firewall. Is this a mixed marriage that is 
doomed to fail? I suppose we should have separate dmarks, chargeback policies 
and infrastucture for each. Time to ponder some more....

> Personally I have mixed feelings about this, but that doesn't change
> the fact that there are in fact people in high-ranking offices who
> espouse such views, and they do make a good point.
> -Mitch

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