[unisog] Remote Access for vendor support

Sheil, Sean SEAN at mail.nwmissouri.edu
Fri Sep 12 14:23:36 GMT 2003

	We were in the same boat.  We finally decided on a procedure
Where they must call us first and request access.  We will then enable
PCAnywhere for a one-time session.  This has definatley eliminated the
3:00 am quick updates.  At times, it gets to be a pain, but we thought
the alternatives were worse.

Sean Sheil
Mgr. Network & Server Services
Northwest Missouri State Univ.

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From: Bob Smith [mailto:bsmith at longwood.edu] 
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 4:07 PM
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Subject: [unisog] Remote Access for vendor support

We have been seeing a continuing trend towards new contracts and renewals 
where the vendors are "demanding" remote administrator access (terminal 
services, pcanywhere, etc.) to our servers to provide support.  We have had 
some success in handling most of our support issues over the phone, but it 
appears lately that if we balk on the remote access then they won't provide 
any support.  Its their way or the highway!

I am looking for input as to how others have dealt with these issues and 
how you may have or have not compromised with the vendor to find a viable 

BTW, we do NOT have an active policy to cover this (shame on me) but I 
didn't want to draft something up that would come back to haunt us later.

Thank you for your time.

Bob Smith
Information Security Administrator
Longwood University

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