[unisog] server-to-admin stat?

Jennifer Luisi jlui at ats.rochester.edu
Wed Sep 17 21:47:03 GMT 2003

On 17 Sep 2003, Christopher E. Cramer wrote:

> The SAGE/SANS/BigAdmin Annual Salary Survey for 2002 has a nice graph on
> page 20 which show the ratio of desktops to desktop admins across all
> industries.  they got a very nice normal response out of their data
> where center of the response was at the 100-249 range (~30% of
> respondents).  of course, there's the caveat that different people have
> different definitions of what support means, so take the results with a
> grain of salt.

One problem with the SAGE survey is that only 11.31% of the respondents
were in higher ed.  I was tasked specifically for higher ed info,
unfortunately.  And I think we can all probably agree that the higher ed
arena is a very distinct type of environment!  ;)


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