[unisog] New scanner based on UCONN NetReg scanner

Jordan Wiens jwiens at nersp.nerdc.ufl.edu
Sun Sep 21 00:46:47 GMT 2003

Running on linux; Suse 7.1.  Actually, I realized after more tinkering it
might have been the way I was running it.  I was running multiple copies
of seperate subnets (like so:)
	./rpcscan_sol -c 20 aa.bb.0.0/16 > aa.bb.txt&
	./rpcscan_sol -c 20 aa.XX.0.0/16 > aa.XX.txt&
	./rpcscan_sol -c 20 aa.ZZ.0.0/16 > aa.ZZ.txt&

Running a single parent process at a time appears to work fine.  It's
plenty fast enough on its own, I should probably just be more patient.

Jordan Wiens, CISSP
UF Network Incident Response Team

On Sat, 20 Sep 2003, Russell Fulton wrote:

> On Sat, 2003-09-20 at 06:49, Jordan Wiens wrote:
> > By the way, when I run it like so:
> >
> > ./rpcscan_sol -c 20 aa.bb.0.0/16 > aa.bb.txt&
> > tail -f aa.bb.txt
> >
> > Eventually, I get lots of lines like:
> > 	aa.bb.cc.dd Connect:Resource temporarily unavailable
> Which OS?
> I can check for this wait a sec and retry the connect but I don't think
> that will cure the problem.  You will have to figure out what  its
> running out of -- most likely thing is sockets.
> hmmm.... that is presumably EAGAIN, linux connect man page says:
>        EAGAIN No  more free local ports or insufficient entries in the routing
>               cache. For PF_INET see the  net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range  sysctl
>               in ip(7) on how to increase the number of local ports.
> >
> > I'm going to try it with less processes in the hopes that that helps.
> On linux I've run it with -p 100 without problems.

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