[unisog] SSL Based VPNs?

Marc Jimenez mjimenez at net.tufts.edu
Fri Sep 26 07:10:02 GMT 2003

Hi Phil,
	We haven't purchased, but I have made some very positive
interactions with Aventail. You may want to look at their product if you
haven't already.


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On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 Phil.Rodrigues at uconn.edu wrote:

> Hi all,
> Does anyone have any experience with SSL-based VPNs?  We were considering
> a traditional IPSEC based VPN, but have been testing SSL-based products
> from Neoteris and Nokia (their Secure Access System).  So far they look
> promising, especially with zero client installs, but there are some
> limitations.  (I can elaborate these limitations if no one else has any
> experience with these - that seems helpful.)
> Has anyone else tested these recently in their networks?  Has anyone made
> the plunge and purchased one of these (type of) products?
> Thanks,
> Phil
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