[unisog] Out of band Management?

Chris M. Miller cmmiller at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Apr 9 13:58:18 GMT 2004

> What are other campuses using for remote console port access? (If any)
> Or are other campuses relying on mgt vlans alone? Our Gandalf has hit
> end of life expectancy and is ready for the electronics boneyard.

  In the Princeton CS department, we use Digi [1] EtherLite 32 terminal
servers connected through a physically separate network to a single host
which only admins are able to login to.

  In times when we predict switch problems, or plan to cause them, we have
occasionally hung a modem off one of the Digi's so that we could dial-in
direct to the secured host, but that is the exception. Normal access is
via standard remote-access methods (ssh or dial-in to the real terminal

Chris Miller
Princeton CS Dept.

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