[unisog] Apparent spread of LSASS exploitation

Brian Eckman eckman at umn.edu
Wed Apr 28 17:15:31 GMT 2004

Lang, Michael wrote:
> I believe so, hard to tell because I have ACL's that block 135,445.  I saw a boat load of 1025...
> - Mike


Do you have any evidence that it was trying to specifically exploit the 
LSASS flaw, and not something else that might listen on 1025/tcp? 
Polybot has been targeting 1025/tcp for months, well before MS04-011 was 
known. I believe it was either MS03-001 or MS03-049 that it was trying 
to exploit over that port.

It's important to differentiate, as if it is targeting the LSASS flaw, 
then a bunch of us on this list would love to have a copy. If it's just 
targetting 1025/tcp, it's likely not of interest.

Please send a copy to me if you have time. A password protected ZIP file 
is preferred.


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> Lang, Michael wrote:
>>I have it and sent a copy to ISC, I can send a copy to anyone who wants it.
>>Symantec detects it as W32.Gaobot.AFJ in the liveupdate released within the hour.
> Do you know if it scans port 135 or 445 like previous versions?
> The reason I ask is that is how I'm detecting and quarantining
> infected computers.
> thanks,
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