[unisog] XP SP2 Compatible with SUS?

Butler, Kevin D butlerkevind at uams.edu
Fri Aug 6 03:54:02 GMT 2004

One would hope that it would be, but then again, this is Micro$oft. I am
wondering if they will allow admins to have either SP1 or SP2 as
selectable options in SUS. We are not going to do an immediate rollout
of SP2 here. To say we will be doing extensive testing with the final
build is an understatement. So far, I tested it on an old P3-1Ghz IBM
laptop. It worked fine, until I started getting blue screens. 

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Does anyone know if XP SP2 will work with the existing
SUS server? There haven't been any patches for the
release candidate so I can't test.


Gary Flynn
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James Madison University
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