[unisog] RE: XP SP2 Compatible with SUS?

PaulFM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Fri Aug 6 15:12:08 GMT 2004

I think Microsoft would Make life easier for everyone if they released it 
first on their Service Pack download page, and didn't put it on Windows 
Update for at least a week (so that people who elect to use it could complain 
about problems before it breaks everyone else's machines).  Or at least make 
it an optional update and move it to critical after a week or two.

The fear of what the update might do is causing many to turn off automatic 
updates.  If lots of people could get hold of it before it is automatically 
pushed to machines - that fear might be reduced.

Derek Ethier wrote:

> So far it's been impossible to test.  SUS approved updates come directly from
> MS update servers, and there have not been any approved updates for XP SP2 yet
> (the BITS update, yes, but this wasn't applicable to non-SP2 machines).
> That being said, I would be very surprised if MS released this SP without
> support for SUS (or the upcoming WUS).  If anything, there may be another
> update for SUS released for compatibility, but I haven't heard anything about
> it (or any expected release dates for WUS).
> As for service pack 2, I have been nothing but impressed with it since it's
> first beta release (yes, it is a little buggy, but that's why it's still beta).
>  The improvements are definately worth the wait.
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