[unisog] RE: XP SP2 Compatible with SUS?

Reg Quinton reggers at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Aug 6 21:25:38 GMT 2004

From: "PaulFM" <paulfm at me.umn.edu>
> The fear of what the update might do is causing many to turn off automatic
> updates.  If lots of people could get hold of it before it is
> pushed to machines - that fear might be reduced.

At our site we have (at least) two SUS servers. One is for the "vanguard"
(or bleeding edge if you will) who test patches soon after they're released
by Microsoft. The other is for patches that have passed testing on the
vanguard group. That's for everyone else who wants to avoid getting burned
This has worked very well for us with only a very few issues (usually
because a group hasn't had designated a tester for the vanguard).

There are those who go directly to Microsoft. They are braver than our
vanguard and may get burned.

With this strategy I don't think we'll have too many problems when SP2

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