[unisog] irc channels and vendors.

Peter Moody peter at ucsc.edu
Wed Aug 18 18:26:40 GMT 2004

Howdy all,

There has been some discussion in #unisog on irc.freenode.net about
letting vendors in and not letting vendors in.  I know we've had vendors
pop in before but they are usually intimidated out of the channel before
to long.  We have been trying to figure out how best to

a) utilize the fact that we have vendors who wish to know what we think
and could potentially take our feedback directly the to people who count
as well as immediately give us information
b) maintain the unisog charter of representing .edu's.

One possible solution would be to create something along the lines of a
unisog + vendors channel.  This would be useful if we could quarantine
the vendors there (on a somewhat tangential note, my idea for a channel
name, #unibrow, doesn't seem to be entirely appropriate so suggestions
are welcome).

Another solution is that we continue to utilize the avenues of contact
we currently have with our vendors, ie, their help channels and our
support reps and forgo the idea of trying to bring them to us.

So I guess I'd just like to get feedback from the list about this.  I
think it could be very valuable to have a direct contact with several
major vendors in some sort of instant message fashion like irc rather
than the asynchronous email we currently rely on.  However, it's value
would obviously depend on vendors actually taking part.



Peter Moody                             <peter at ucsc.edu>
Information Security Administrator      831/459.5409
Communications and Technology Services. UC, Santa Cruz.
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