[unisog] Request for a virus...

Anderson Johnston andy at umbc.edu
Mon Aug 30 21:46:34 GMT 2004

This may sound a bit odd, but I need to infect a PC with Bagle.AI.  We're
trying to test a NIDS.  I realize that I can leave an unpatched PC on-line
this evening and probably have a whole collection in the morning, but I'd
rather do something a little more controlled.

If anyone has collected a Bagle.AI that they could share, please let me
know.  If you can encrypt it (with WinZip or otherwise) with the key
"virus" and send it as a e-mail attachment, that would be great.
Otherwise, if you can point me to an ftp or a web location, I'll download
it to Linux, then infect the test box.

							- Andy

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