[unisog] AV for MACS

David Foster foster at ncmir.ucsd.edu
Sat Dec 4 00:28:23 GMT 2004

Well I would submit that in todays networking environment folks
like you are part of the problem. I work on Solaris, Linux and
IRIX systems, and my attitude used to be somewhat aligned with
yours. Until I was forced to install Sophos Antivirus software
on all systems to comply with our new campus minimum standards
for network security, and saw how many virus-laden files I had
on my systems.

What you claim is the "only reason" for running Mac AV software
is definitely reason enough, IMHO. Even if we assume that your
Mac is safe from virii, for the time being, do you really think
that is the only issue here?

Dave Foster

> Anti-virus software for Macs? What are you trying to protect Mac users
> from? I am a long-time Mac user and very active in two local Mac User
> Groups and as far as I know, the only reason anyone has for running Mac AV
> software is to avoid mistakenly forwarding a virused email to a Windows
> user.
> Symantec makes anti-virus software for the Mac. So does Macafee. I think
> both products are a complete waste of time for Mac users. I have been
> using Macs since 1986 and I have had at least one Mac sitting on an
> unrestricted broadband line for many years without incident. I know at
> least two hundred Mac users and none of them has had a virus with OS X and
> only one has had a virus with pre-OS X, and that was way back in OS 7.
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