[unisog] AV for MACS

John Rowan Littell littejo at earlham.edu
Sat Dec 4 03:38:18 GMT 2004


Lo, Stan Horwitz and the teakettle whistled in unison:

> Anti-virus software for Macs? What are you trying to protect Mac users
> from? I am a long-time Mac user and very active in two local Mac User
> Groups and as far as I know, the only reason anyone has for running Mac AV
> software is to avoid mistakenly forwarding a virused email to a Windows
> user.

Watch your Mac population a little more closely.  Maybe we're running
a dirty shop here, but we've recently gotten Sophos onto all of our
campus computers, including Macs (and a number of Unix flavors, for
that matter).  Rare as they are, things like macro viruses happily
exist on MacOS, and we found a number of them on our faculty boxes
which would happily transmit themselves to Windows hosts where they
could actually do some damage.  As viruses go, these aren't that
bad, but don't write off MacOS as a virus platform completely.

Back to Sophos -- we have it; we like it; it works on just about every
major OS (and furthermore, it detects the *same* viruses on each one,
which isn't always true for other vendors).  It doesn't slow down my
Mac noticeably, despite updating every hour and running the on-access
scanner.  If you're running it on a mail server, look for the open
source Sophie program to make it run as a daemon.


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