[unisog] AV for MACS

Stan Horwitz stan at temple.edu
Sat Dec 4 23:28:32 GMT 2004

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, David Foster wrote:
>Well I would submit that in todays networking environment folks
>like you are part of the problem. I work on Solaris, Linux and
>IRIX systems, and my attitude used to be somewhat aligned with
>yours. Until I was forced to install Sophos Antivirus software
>on all systems to comply with our new campus minimum standards
>for network security, and saw how many virus-laden files I had
>on my systems.
>What you claim is the "only reason" for running Mac AV software
>is definitely reason enough, IMHO. Even if we assume that your
>Mac is safe from virii, for the time being, do you really think
>that is the only issue here?

As I said, running AV software to prevent Mac users from
inadvertantly spreading a virus (or worm) to Windows users
is a reasonable thing to do, but the point that was made
about malicious macros makes more sense. And yes, I am
certain my Mac is free of all virii, including macros.

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