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Willie O' Connor Willie.OConnor at cs.tcd.ie
Mon Dec 6 09:15:55 GMT 2004

Hi All,
Ok I'm seem to have stirred a wee hornets nest :) 

Our College security policies state that our machines must have an
"approved" Antivirus system on network attached machines. The "approved"
list for Macintosh machines are Mcafee Virex, Norton AV and Clam AV... 

I have heard bad things about Norton and kernel extensions and kernel panics
but on the other hand some people swear by it. We do use Symantec Corporate
edition on the Windows side and I have to admit we have been very lucky
because of it. Our licenses also cover a number of Norton AV for Macs V9.0.3
licenses. We also have Virex and Clam AV, and on top of all that our
gateways run either Trend AV or Vexira. As you can see a wide and varied
amount of software is available to me. I was more interested in experiences
in the use of this software on a Mac, my current preference is towards Clam
AV, mainly because I use it on my linux machines and it was recommended to
me by an experienced Mac user.

Thanks for all the replies to date.

A Chara
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