[unisog] "Enterprise" SQL-based applications.

Derek Ethier derek.ethier at humber.ca
Mon Dec 6 15:24:43 GMT 2004

I have come across a particular situation a number of times and I was wondering
if anyone had some innovative way of handling it.

Due to the fact that we are an "Enterprise" (ugh, I hate that term sometimes)
environment quite often I recommend using Enterprise applications (or versions
of..) that routinely require SQL-based services (commonly, MS-SQL).  However,
many of these applications are developed with much smaller organizations in
mind and naturally assume that they are the only application using a particular
SQL instance.  Through this assumption they routinely require sa (or root)
access, changes to the master database (embedded owner privileges on objects oh
my!), etc. or the application will not work.

Rather than spend $$ on many different database servers (licensing, hardware
etc.) I would like to come up with a standards' type document that details what
a truly "Enterprise" SQL-based application really is, and what a developer
should expect when dealing with an Enterprise environment (particularly from a
security standpoint).

Has anyone drawn anything like this up before?  If so, is it useful?  Is what
I'm proposing useful?

Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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