[unisog] HTTP Session Reconstruction and Monitoring

Jacob Roberts jake_roberts at byu.edu
Fri Dec 10 21:23:20 GMT 2004

We would like to improve our ability to monitor inappropriate web
surfing activity on our public access workstations.

We have 3 basic requirements. The system can:
1. Handle our large amount of traffic
2. Reconstruct HTTP sessions (e.g. an analyst can retrieve a view of the
visited web site based on captured packet data)
3. Configure rules for specific traffic matching.

Does anyone know of any enterprise level applications that can do these
things.  We'd prefer an Open-source solution.

We are currently testing Steel-Cloud by Computer Associates.  It meets
reqs 2 and 3 but fails to meet our needs for req 1.

Jake Roberts
Brigham Young University

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