[unisog] [REN-ISAC] Alert: DNS Smurfing

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            You were correct.  I found the most likely culpret (confirmed by
some nmap'ing of the host)






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Likely not. The DNS reflector attack involves well-formed valid DNS requests
(although from spoofed sources!) sent to the server. Are you seeing an
increase in TCP SYN aimed at the server, i.e. just SYNs with no purpose? At
what rate? 



At 09:48 AM 12/13/2004 -0500, Ryan Dorman wrote: 
>I have recently seen an increase in data on syn packets heading towards DNS

>server.  Is this related to this smurf attack? 
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>* Doug Pearson: 
>> Over the past couple of days several DNS Smurf attacks have been 
>> underway affecting research and education (R&E) and commercial 
>> networks. A typical DNS Smurf attack[1] works as follows: Many DNS 
>> queries of type = "any" are sent to multiple DNS servers. The 
>> queries contain the source-spoofed address of the target. 
>Do these attacks already exploit the superior amplification facilities 
>EDNS0 provides? 
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