[unisog] VA Tech SANS-EDU Training Update - 3/6/05-3/12/05 - Track 3 is the winner (fwd)

marchany at vt.edu marchany at vt.edu
Tue Dec 28 18:59:09 GMT 2004

The registration www site will be ready the first week of January. The URL is 
http://www.conted.vt.edu/isect. Do NOT register before 1/9/05. If you go there 
now, you'll see last year's information.


What: SANS GIAC Training course - Intrusion Detection In Depth
When: 3/6/05-3/12/05
Where: VA Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Cost: $500 for course only, $800 for course and GIAC certification exam
Eligibility: faculty, staff from accredited EDU (higher ed, community college, 

Register:  http://www.conted.vt.edu/isect   AFTER 1/9/05

Travel info:

	Car: 4.5 hours from Washington, DC, 3 hours from Charlotte, NC, 2.5
             hours from Charleston, WV, 4 hours from Knoxville, TN
	Flight: closest airport is Roanoke, VA (USAIR, Delta, United)

Additional Info, contact: Randy Marchany, marchany at vt.edu

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