[unisog] drone armies/botnets research and mitigation mailing list

Gadi Evron ge at linuxbox.org
Tue Dec 28 22:48:53 GMT 2004

Hi. It was suggested to me that I email this here by the people at the 
#UNISOG IRC channel.

We are in the process of forming a new drone armies/botnets research and
mitigation mailing list.

Unlike other resources (which we don't come to compete with), this list
will bring together anti virus researchers/reverse engineers, network
admins and others who may be able to contribute.

AV researchers and reverse engineers see the samples first, and can
alert the rest of us. They can analyze samples and find relevant

Network admins can help with mitigation and hunting.

Some trusted and vetted in real life IRC operators are also welcome.

The list is open to EDU's as well.

Anyone interested in joining the list, please send me a note.

I am not involved with UNISOG, and therefore I will try and rely on 
members I do know for preliminary vetting.

Other people who help with vetting are Paul Vixie, Hank Nussbacher and 
Stephen Gill.


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