[unisog] DMCA Reports and No-Reply Addresses

Allison MacFarlan allison.macfarlan at yale.edu
Thu Dec 30 21:56:32 GMT 2004

It's ironic, or maybe not, that BayTSP has done this, because we've
found that it's the least accurate or responsive company of any of
the copyright-enforcement folks. Even if you've got a name and
telephone number, you'll never get a response to a query about
one of their complaints.

However, I would caution anyone to reply to this questionnaire, because
if you (the Security Operations Group) respond to this, you are assuming
the legal burden of compliance, by saying that *you've* complied and
removed the material. You can only say that "the material has been
removed," based on information or indications you have of the
student's compliance.

This seems like an insidious way of forcing universities to assume a  
responsibility where they would normally have a safe harbor protection
as a provider, not to mention the extra work created for those who've
managed to automate these complaints.

BTW, these are the mail addresses we have for BayTSP:

paramount-picture at copyright-compliance.com
mgm at copyright-compliance.com

On Wednesday, Dec 29, 2004, at 18:55 US/Eastern, Eric Pancer wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> It's almost 2005, and more games have started with the DMCA
> "enforcers." We received a notice today from BayTSP with the
> following "From" and "Reply-To" set:
> <universal-studios-no-reply at champ.baytsp.com>
> Replying to this address offers the following error.
> <universal-studios-no-reply at champ.baytsp.com>:
> Sorry, I couldn't find any host named champ.baytsp.com. (#5.1.2)
> Embedded in the email is the following blob:
> "
>   All correspondence regarding this notice should be sent to:
> <http://webreply.baytsp.com/webreply/ 
> webreply.jsp?customerid=XX&commhash=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX>
> "
> Note that anyone can go to this page, no authentication is required.
> Then, you'll get to waste your time filling in the pretty boxes
> (note that you've already wasted your time by having to open up a
> browser since you don't use a graphical email client (you don't,
> right?)). The three options you can select are:
> "
>   1. I've complied and removed all copyrighted material for which
>      I'm not the copyright holder
>   2. No, I've not complied and I'm still distributing copyrighted
>      material.
>   3. Mistake, You sent the notice to the wrong person (fill in more
>      detail below).
> "
> You'll then have to check a box that states...
> " By checking this box I swear that I have provided truthful
> information."
> So, for all of you that have automated processing of incoming DMCA
> reports, Happy New Year, and get to work on some automated things to
> select option #3 above using curl!
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