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We haven't yet seen one from this company yet (we're a very small
school), but wouldn't it be possible to choose #3 and fill in whatever
information one has to indicate this is the case?

(aside -- if i wasn't the one that started to top-post, it's still
kosher to do it after it's been done once, right? --  also, do those
misconfigured vacation replies to this list strike anyone else as
so incredibly "ironic")

Allison MacFarlan wrote:
| It's ironic, or maybe not, that BayTSP has done this, because we've
| found that it's the least accurate or responsive company of any of
| the copyright-enforcement folks. Even if you've got a name and
| telephone number, you'll never get a response to a query about
| one of their complaints.
| However, I would caution anyone to reply to this questionnaire, because
| if you (the Security Operations Group) respond to this, you are assuming
| the legal burden of compliance, by saying that *you've* complied and
| removed the material. You can only say that "the material has been
| removed," based on information or indications you have of the
| student's compliance.
| This seems like an insidious way of forcing universities to assume a
| responsibility where they would normally have a safe harbor protection
| as a provider, not to mention the extra work created for those who've
| managed to automate these complaints.
| BTW, these are the mail addresses we have for BayTSP:
| paramount-picture at copyright-compliance.com
| mgm at copyright-compliance.com
| On Wednesday, Dec 29, 2004, at 18:55 US/Eastern, Eric Pancer wrote:
| It's almost 2005, and more games have started with the DMCA
| "enforcers." We received a notice today from BayTSP with the
| following "From" and "Reply-To" set:
| <universal-studios-no-reply at champ.baytsp.com>
| Replying to this address offers the following error.
| <universal-studios-no-reply at champ.baytsp.com>:
| Sorry, I couldn't find any host named champ.baytsp.com. (#5.1.2)
| Embedded in the email is the following blob:
| "
|   All correspondence regarding this notice should be sent to:
|    <http://webreply.baytsp.com/webreply/
| webreply.jsp?customerid=XX&commhash=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX>
| "
| Note that anyone can go to this page, no authentication is required.
| Then, you'll get to waste your time filling in the pretty boxes
| (note that you've already wasted your time by having to open up a
| browser since you don't use a graphical email client (you don't,
| right?)). The three options you can select are:
| "
|   1. I've complied and removed all copyrighted material for which
|      I'm not the copyright holder
|   2. No, I've not complied and I'm still distributing copyrighted
|      material.
|   3. Mistake, You sent the notice to the wrong person (fill in more
|      detail below).
| "
| You'll then have to check a box that states...
| " By checking this box I swear that I have provided truthful
| information."
| So, for all of you that have automated processing of incoming DMCA
| reports, Happy New Year, and get to work on some automated things to
| select option #3 above using curl!
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