[unisog] DMCA Reports and No-Reply Addresses

PaulFM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Fri Dec 31 15:10:02 GMT 2004

Make sure your form requires them to check a box that relieves you of all 
legal responsibility for the infringing content.  And another that says they 
    will be responsible for your costs if their claim is without merit.  And 
requires a telephone number and email address to contact (and refuses urls).

Then the filled out form is emailed to them with the requirement that the 
respond in some way to verify that they filled out the form (a verification 
URL perhaps).

That should pretty much end dmca complaints via e-mail.

Jeff Kell wrote:
> charlie derr wrote:
>> We haven't yet seen one from this company yet (we're a very small
>> school), but wouldn't it be possible to choose #3 and fill in whatever
>> information one has to indicate this is the case?
> I would be inclined to think (prior to bothering our legal dept) that 
> two can play that game, e.g., put an autoresponder on your 
> DMCA-reporting mailbox that sends them a form letter with a URL to an 
> obscure web form of your own to fill out with the specifics of their 
> allegations.
> Jeff
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