[unisog] DMCA Reports and No-Reply Addresses

Rita Saltz rita at Princeton.EDU
Fri Dec 31 17:29:28 GMT 2004

I never have had a problem contacting the BayTSP people by telephone 
unless I call very early in the morning, Eastern time.  The phone 
number I've used is 408-341-2300, which has appeared in the notices 
I've received (via e-mail) regarding infringements.

You probably will want to consult your own institution's attorneys 
regarding this, but it has been my belief that a properly "signed" 
e-mail notice is acceptable under the DMCA.  The notices from the 
BayTSP folks on behalf of various studios seem to have carried a 
reference to the signature key, which works for me.

The odd and invalid address might have been a programming error (it 
happens, even in the 21st century), which those folks can get corrected 
if/when notified.

I find e-mail notice particularly convenient, so long as all the 
appropriate bits are present and intelligible.

Rita Saltz
(among other things) DMCA Agent for Princeton University
rita at princeton.edu

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