[unisog] Dropping executables - who does it?

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Tue Feb 3 14:18:43 GMT 2004

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> Subject: [unisog] Dropping executables - who does it?
> With the fun we are all having with viruses, we are wondering how many
> institutions are just dropping executable attachments all together. 
> It's something that I know a lot of virus/mail gateway 
> software can do,
> but are a lot of schools doing that?
> We have a policy to try and deliver as much as possible, but 
> I think we
> are coming up against the practicality of having to protect users. 
> Anti-virus companies can create defs pretty fast, but mydoom still
> infected thousands of machines worldwide before they were available. 
> Dropping executables (exe, com, pif, scr, bat) would have been better
> insulated us, if not protected (zip).
> Anyone doing that?
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We have been refusing to deliver executable attachments for quite some
time, and there has been no real squawking from our users.  In addition,
our virus scanners unzip compressed files in order to scan the contents.

I am a little concerned what might happen if it becomes common to secure
.zip files with passwords.  Anyone have any thoughts on that issue?

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