Brent League BLEAGUE at
Tue Feb 3 15:22:09 GMT 2004

Like everyone else, we are experiencing an extremely high number of
Spam and virus laden emails.  Our Exchange servers are keeping the virus
emails out, but between them and the NDRs for all the spoofed addresses and
Spam, the Exchange servers are about to surrender.

We are considering the following 2 actions in the near term:
1) Instead of cleaning the virus from the email and forwarding the cleaned
message on to our end-user, we are considering deleting any message that
contains a virus.

2) Ceasing sending out any NDRs (we can filter these out with a third party
tool).  This will eliminate a large load, but will also cause legitimate
NDRs to not be sent.

I was wondering what everyone else is doing? Any opinions on the 2 actions

We currently do not have anti-Spam software on the servers for a variety of
reasons, most notably we are in the middle of upgrading from 5.5 to Exchange
Thanks for your input.

Brent League 
Senior Systems Analyst 
University of Texas at San Antonio 
Office of Information Technology 
BLeague at 

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