Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Tue Feb 3 18:57:58 GMT 2004

Brent League wrote:

>Like everyone else, we are experiencing an extremely high number of
>Spam and virus laden emails.  Our Exchange servers are keeping the virus
>emails out, but between them and the NDRs for all the spoofed addresses and
>Spam, the Exchange servers are about to surrender.
>We are considering the following 2 actions in the near term:
>1) Instead of cleaning the virus from the email and forwarding the cleaned
>message on to our end-user, we are considering deleting any message that
>contains a virus.
We started doing that after Sobig with no ill effects or complaints. As 
far as
I'm concerned, even if a Word doc can be cleaned, the source is 
so we're configured to not even try.

>2) Ceasing sending out any NDRs (we can filter these out with a third party
>tool).  This will eliminate a large load, but will also cause legitimate
>NDRs to not be sent.
I'm not sure how our mail servers are set in that regard. I know we 
don't bounce
virus or illegal attachment mail though.

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