[unisog] Windows Updating through a Novell Script

Bradley Ellis Bradley.Ellis at its.monash.edu.au
Thu Feb 5 22:53:21 GMT 2004

Hi All,

> I got a question from our LAN group.  They normally apply 
> patches to client systems through commands in the Novell 
> login script.  The latest security rollup patch announced in 
> MS04-004 has different versions associated with different 
> versions of IE.

You have a number of options depending on what tools you
have available to do if-then's in a batch file. Obviously
If you have a programmer handy they could write a exe of some
form to do a lot of this for you.

Obvious clues to IE versions are:
	* OS version.
	* Registry Keys/Values.
	* File version information.

OS Version could be used for say XP and 2K3 that only have
one patch eatch (excl 64 bit architectures).

While this is simple and covers XP / 2K3 Server it doesn't
cover other os.


Windows scripting host may be something that your lan team
can handle writing in - wscript and jscript are fairly easy,
but then I have a background that includes a few years of c

> Does anyone know a handy way to identify the IE version in a 
> script? Right now, they're also looking at ways to run 
> Windows Update from the script, as well.  Any experience with 
> this, anyone?

Patching via Zenworks or some other scheduled mechanism
is a long way infront of login scripts.

At least three reasons come to mind -
	* the user doesn't sit there waiting for a reboot.
	* the hit rate can be much higher and you have greater
	  certainty that patches will be applied in a reasonable
	  time. (esp if combined with wake on lan).
	* the user doesn't have to be a local admin.

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