Telnet & FTP Who has banned their use?

Terry Cavender t.cavender at
Fri Feb 6 18:04:05 GMT 2004

We are exploring the topic banning telnet and ftp use on our campus (or at least their 
use in conducting business between the campus and the Internet).  I would like to 
determine what others have done along this line.  In your reply please indicate if:
- you are a state or private college/university
- you are exploring this same topic
- you have a complete ban
- you have banned its use between your campus and the Internet
- you want the results posted back to this list.

I appreciate your time and effort.

Terry Cavender
Network Security Officer
Vanderbilt University
WK: 615-343-3494 Fx: 615-343-1605
t.cavender at Vanderbilt.Edu

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