Virus Problem?

Lampton, Margaret lampton at
Tue Feb 10 18:52:16 GMT 2004

Recently we have seen several machines with the following issues: 

Logged in as administrator and tried to do an on-demand scan.   The system
would scan memory but not the fixed disks.  Upon reaching a fixed disk, the
virus program would simply close out without an error.  The virus scanning
log showed that a scan was started but that was indication of an
error or that the scan ever completed. Can do a complete scan in "Safe Mode"
but it indicates that no virus was found.   Checking the Windows systems
logs but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.   Other odd things
1.    the sudden appearance of multiple DOS-like windows running "CMD.EXE".
They'll pop up on screen for an instant and then disappear. (this is
happening on several machines)
2.    an error generated by "RPC" that causes the machine to reboot (only
seen this on two machines so far)
3.  inability to do virus scan of fixed disks in regular mode of McAfee

4.  the machine does port scans from ports 135 and 445
5. it is seen on machines with and without mail service
6.  most of the machines are Windows XP Professional, however Windows2000
machines have also been involved.
Would appreciate if any of you could shed light on what this might be.  
Margaret Lampton
Associate Director Projects/Security Administrator
University of Houston-Clear Lake
University Computing and Telecommunications
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Houston, TX 77058

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