[unisog] The Impact of Spam on your Institution

Steve VanDevender stevev at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Tue Feb 10 21:15:24 GMT 2004

William Yang writes:
 > I find the 50% metric very hard to believe: 
 > this e-mail account, which I've had for about a decade and has been 
 > actively used in USENET, on the web, and on mailing lists over the 
 > years, only gets about 15% spam by message counts.  The marginal cost 
 > for that 15%, however, is less than 1% of my operational cost.

Extrapolating merely from your own experience is dangerous here.  You
may be getting 15% spam in your email for a number of reasons that don't
apply to others -- you may get a much higher volume of legitimate mail
than they do; for whatever reason your email address has not been as
widely circulated among spammers; etc.

My experience is that the problem varies a lot among users, the users
who are being hit hard are being hit _very_ hard, and it's not getting
any better for anyone.  The 50% spam ratio is not far off from the
aggregate statistics I see on my systems in terms of number of SMTP
connections rejected by DNSBLs and local filtering compared to the
number of messages delivered.

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